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nukeNav tap problem with Forum and Private Message modules

Is there any future for the HTML newsletter?

Adding a new field to add external links

PHP NUKE 8.32 with Googletap

Calling ghost images from themes

Backticks in Download module

Making Download module more professional

ADD THIS system

CKEditor is not showing when adding a new download

NSN GR Downloads Paging problem

PHP mail function failed

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted

Error in download module

Horizontal Postbit

Display Forums Rank on Your_Account Profile?

Resize Posted Forum Images

Redirect to Where You Came From

Strike Locked Thread

Replace "Post Comment" with the DropDown Quick Rep

Your Username Variable

Reputation Mod

Adding new download fail

RavenNuke 3 + ShortLinks Questions

Submit Downloads upload and main cat view question

phpBB3 Module for RavenNuke?

Modifying the file to update files

Help with ShortLinks / GoogleTap

NSNGD Downloads and PDF Files

ERROR: This URL is already listed in the Database!

Shortlinks and Dynamic Titles

Tap for a module

can submit_downloads mod be converted to do upload only?

Review my Site?

Could someone port a phpbb Color Username mod for me?

Forum Profile

Creating more fields in Download module.

Modding TegoNuke Download with KCFinder 2.51 last version

Sharing icons for this amazing download module.{username} with ShortLinks

How to add Category name to NSNGD block,

Locate Users at "{username}"

Do I need TegoNuke(tm) Mailer?

Choose right php newsletter to do right business

Shortlinks.htaccess comment style

v1.4.0 Work around missing core module tables

Newsletter attachment

Help! Can't restore suspended users! NEED URGENT HELP!

Images and the Mobile Web

URL problem for rewrite

Warning: preg_replace solved

TegoNuke Downloads and AJAX

jQuery Mobile and Shortlinks

Case collision

Private message popup tap

Shortlink awareness for News Print and PDF functions

adding Groups to the list of recipients

Meta.php help me ! ! !

Module Web Links

Entity and Filtering Issues

Fresh install

Slashes in Newsletter

ShortLinks does not work with nukeSEO SB links

New Features

HTML Newletter

Shortlink 1.3.0 and Ad Networks

NukeSEO DH problem


NSNGD down-logo.gif

Legal Module and Menu

User Info Block Shortlinks

Script Missing for nukeFEED(tm) Support

SQL file for NSNGD

Will NSNGD work with my downloadadd script.

Why are all the closing "?>" missing in 1.3.0 f

NukeC shortlinks

TegoNuke(tm)/NSN Downloads Coming Soon

nukeFEED shortlinks forum rewrite

NukeBlog v2 Shortlinks

Showing flash as header

Showing flash as header

function tnsl_fCleanLinks()

Upload functionaility

TegoNuke Mailer, NukeMailList and HTML Newsletter

How will HNL cope with 2500 users?

Internal Server Error 500 upon sent to all members


Additional Features and Enhancements

New documentation

Shortlinks for strange usernames

Empty Module in Home

Problem on sending

Qestion About Shortlinks

Search Module Tap - Slight Bug

Nuke Docs v1 beta for RavenNuke

New Downloads produces many &nbsp chars

Help with ShortLinks

Please Help

Asers Shop ShortLinks problem


Block - Sign Up To Newsletter

How to make Dynamic Titles to only take the title

Forum and Top Forum Block

Advanced Download Block

New TegoTwitter block to be released today

problem with ShortLinks. please help

GTB issue

Shortlinks and PHP 5.3

Improper Return Path Email Headers Being Sent

ok this is really misc

Need help please on Coppermine for Php-Nuke tap

No results after installing ShortLinks 1.2.1

Shortlinks turns 8-bit characters to UTF-8

Problem with shortlink in php-nuke 7.5

Blank Archive page


Where exactly do you enter the new page title you want?

BugFix and Thanks

Sending newsletter to all halted after 10 %

Content Plus title in url

Block Tap for the block-Login.php

Shout Box

Random characters etc in URLs

How can I prevent google and others from following old links

Help with new Forums GT module

nuke wysiwig editor

Evening Friends


Newsletter sent to inactive users

Edit sent newsletter

Comment a newsletter

Embed Youtube

Sitemap + Jmap + Shortlinks

User Id in shortlinks

Dynamic Titles for Gallery2

- preceeding the homepage title

shortlinks issue with gr downloads

Raven-Nuke & Nuke treasury

hlep use shortlinks

GTB file missing

Crash when send

Approve Membership Lite End of Life with RavenNuke(tm) 2.3.x

RN2.30.01 Users Administration and Approve Membership Lite

Move nsngr_func.php inside module

NukeProject Taps

NSN Gr Downloads submit function missing short urls

URL vs. Uploaded Download

getting MSNL_CFG_LAB_NAME in all my options

Solution for Preview/Send error with PHP-Nuke 7.7+


help me rewrite modules Music

Dutch translation for mailer.

Site Menu Here

Trouble Shortening a link using header();

Forum Page Numbers

edl 2.1 issue

Help me block

HTML newsletter banning when using html tags

How can I add headers into the email I send?

NSN GR Downloads & TEGO Shortlinks

url website my convert to shortlink

use .htaccess for localhost computer error

Help with my GT-NextGEN_Beta_0.4

Content Plus

HNL French Language Pack for 1.3.x missing

New Free Templates For Newsletter

to rewrite params or not

Short links display 2 differenet links ?

Approve membership lite not working?

Server crashed because of dynamic_titles

Occcaisonally reports of BAD HEADER

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted

"Follow Up" E-Mail

Newsletter issues

Clean footer and redirects

Problems with shortlink rewrite (costum)

NSN GR Downloads + sitemap

How to select multiple groups for categories

Help!! Tego Mailer

gt nextgens and monitor

NukeStyles Contact Plus

Coppermine for Php-Nuke 1.3.2 tap

Security Code

FAQ module issues

mSearch Module

Test Send Twice Fails

Send Test Error

Problem with hebrew html newsletter

Approved Membership light and Content waiting in RN2.20.02

GT 4 content+ 207

Shortlinks - applying this hack to my site?

Automark read in Forum - Shortlink 1.2.1

Posting to the ad hoc list

Problem with a button of Deepblue theme

Legal module issues

Regarding sommaire

Dynamic Meta Descriptions?

space to underscore conversion

Does Shortlinks enhance security of a site?

Latest forum posts more than 99?

NukeSeo sitemap issues

Need Sommaire link color change

Dynamic Title for Article Categories, not just titles

Problem with avatars with spaces in the name

Can you recommend a email newsletter program or script


NSN GR Downloads / uploads issue

Small bug in Shortlinks 1.2.1

Captcha not working, AM (fullversion) on RN2.20

How to put variables such as username, date etc?

How to Change the Subject to not Say Newsletter?

Sponsor banner not appearing in e-mail client

Don't spider print friendly pages?

Migrated to 2.10.01 raven and all text is center justified

Shortlinks disturbs SPChat


theme looks different in FF then IE

Search for words with Scandinavian characters

[Help] Session time in online users

Can someone install Shortlinks for me? I will pay!

Menalto Gallery 1.5.x

Not Working dont know why

NukeStyles edl 2.1 issue

easy subscription

Edit in Private Messages Files - 1.2.0 - Fix

Members List Pagination Issue in 1.2.0 - Fix

Memberlist problem

Nuke_Reflections Tap

Dynamic Titles for Custom Modules

MS-Topsites Tap?

Quetion on Planned Features / Open Discussion

NSN GR Downloads + Dynamic Titles 1.2.0

Relevance of the Order of objects in a dynamic title?

Error in "Random Headline" block

Custom name

html pages???

Missing titles for Topic Reply links

GCalendar taps?

a welcome pm hack

NSN GR Downloads installation

Header Information in the regular text

shortlinks don't work

re: titles issue

NSN Gr email issues

Shortlink in config...

Avatar problem to Montego portal

Delete button points to admins.php

Shortlink in host

CPU problems

Modules with Simular names...

Assuming the Care and Feeding of NSN GR Downloads

How To Get the Captcha to Work Under RavenNuke 2.10.x +

Dynamic titles mystery

NSN News

Feature Request: New App emails sent to multiple recipients

Feature Request: MX Lookup results supplied in app email

Ping to technorati

whats the current version?

NSN News Compleet

Dynamic Titles for NSN GR Downloads Module

Fix to "Tap" the Top Module for NSN GR Downloads

Inlcuding custom_footer if not a user

Journal Module GT Fix for ShortLinks 1.1.0

ADD more option on the leates links on the htmlnewsletter

Agree to Terms before processing application

I installed it, and

additional backend taps

Php mail error

Feedback module spam

Newsletter Not sending

Dynamic Meta Descriptions and Keywords

Multilingual function in Nuke

Need help adding fields

Problem with Dynamic Titles and News

Using folders vs using just .html extensions

NSN GR Downloads issues

elseif vs switch?

PHPNuke 7.7 - Does the NL work?

dual downloads module issue

Activation Link has &amp ; instead of &

Error when trying to approve.

Downloads 3000 module

Need help... Thanks :)

2 great modules, that need tapping :)

Installed it, Showing short links on mouseover, giving 404..


Shortlink question


Gallery affected by Shortlinks

New theme creation tips ?

Great script

Why do people not read?

yahoo recipients get error?

Archive umlaut issue

Forums block?

Nobr - how to validate ?

NSN Groups and PHP-Nuke 8

URL twice

RN 2.10 Downloads(Search)

Failed to get sponsor banner information - phpnuke 7.5

Private Messages (Visitors) tap(hack)

A little error after a tap

How to Have Page Titles Change Dynamically

How to Shorten Links on Other Modules

Shortlinks (titles in URLS)

problem with short links

CAPTCHA gfx effect

Using Evolution Nuke

TMI in the html email - headers showing up in the text

Problem with Sponsor image showing

NSN Groups

Mod-Rewrite Cheat Sheet

Four Modules not shortlinking

shortlinks not working...[SOLVED]

SQL Eror

Own links...

email priority

Modules links displaying incorrectly

Thanks to Montego Scripts for a great module!!

CNB Your Account tap ?

(unknown sender) in from on emails

Unban Floppy

Implementing 301 redirects for old links.

SEO enhanched links to posts / topics

Topics/Encyclopedia Shows &middot

You can't access this file directly...

Forums PM Popup

View Last Post title hack

Including Total Calendar

Newsletter Text


Please upgrade module for PHPNuke 7.7-8.0!!

NSN GR Downloads

Blank Pge issues

Errors in Error Log - nsngr_func.php

404 Error

Help Needed (please)

Problem with a module that needs to turn off tap I think?

Module project open.


SimpleCart Tap Help

No change to the links

NSN GR Downloads "Tap"

Shortened Links on Blocks Only

Block querey

Templates not emailing


NSN GR Downloads compatibility

Metopen Projects module v1.0

Multiheadlines Modules v2.05

Sending newsletter

NSN News

Tapping the admin section of modules?

Shork Links RavenNuke

Can someone teach me how to tap? I want to tap Coppermine

Forums At a glance mod

Forums Arcade 3.02

EDL 2.1 Tap

Just my thoughts

CNBYA Login Issues

Login Block No Security Code Fix

Nice Job!

NukeAmazon Module Tap

Hoping you might have this

nukeSEO Google sitemap tap

FNA Forum Mod Tap

What Other ShortLinks "Taps" Would You Like to See

Newsletter Text: Required field must be given a value

Getting 404 Errors on Links

Can't Download

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks Version 1.0 Released!

NO ShortLinks Questions Here - This is For GTBlocks Hack

Action not permitted

Installation Problems on Nuke Platinum

rss feeds on chosen forums

Works Great

Sent Newsletter 3 Times Instead Of 1

UTF-8 Issue on Send with Persian Nuke Version 01.03.01

PHP Form help

Problems with sending after patch 3.2

Admin Icon

Date format

Slight Sql database error

Suggestions for next version (if there is any)

Add Newsletter Failure With Quotes in Topic or Sender


advertsing center block

Just upgraded to NSv2.5 with strange effects on links

Trying to GT-nextgen Nuke Amazon in Raven's RavenNuke76 v2.0

HTML_Newsletter crashed into NSN members.

A Little Advise for calling a SQL

GT-nextgen Lives

Awsome Module

phpmyadmin help

Missing links

Send Attachments


Strange problem with a modified header.php

[RESOLVED] Not Sending to All Within Selected NSN Group

Problem with creating newsletter

Our Latest News Items

Persian Nuke version of HTML Newsletter Released!

How To Make Email Subject Line Match Newsletter Topic

[RESOLVED] Not sending

Blank pages and sql error

Text area problem

[CLOSED] Failed to Get Sponsor Banner Info

[RESOLVED] subject showing : Newsletter from & nbsp;?

Enhanced Templates

[RESOLVED] Receiving HTML email

Upgraded 1.2 to 1.3 having trouble sending

[RESOLVED] Deleting of news letters ?

[REJECTED] Latest Forum Posts

[RESOLVED] Issues when copying distribution on windows box

[ASSIGNED] Script never finishes send process.

Fix For: Problem with Latest Downloads and Statistics in 1.2

[RESOLVED] Hanging when activate "Latest Forums Items&q

From Field Empty

[RESOLVED] error messages

[RESOLVED] Error msg: Could not get category information

Raven Nuke 7.6 and HTML NL

[RESOLVED] nuke 7.4 Illegal File Access in admin

[WORKAROUND] Newsletter Problem on Nuke 7.9

Timing out

[RESOLVED] Changing the {AUTHOR} from aid to informant?

Ideas for HTML newsletter 1.4

Gt nextgen weblinks block ?

What is Forge?

implement sound on the newsletter

More Complete GTB-block-ForumsCollapsing.php

Post Questions and/or New GTB File Statements Here

[RESOLVED] Changing table background

[RESOLVED] Other Nuke Links Showing HTML_Newsletter in Them

[RESOLVED] sql error?

[RESOLVED] Downloads / Catagories Not Showing

[RESOLVED] newsletter block

Multiple Sponsor logo's

Test admin email test

[RESOLVED] Test mail to admin not being sent

Access Denied Issues - Lower Patch Levels

Block Specific Forum Categories From Being Displayed

[RESOLVED] PHP Error: popgraphic()

[CLOSED] Hotlinking reduction

[RESOLVED] Sponsor Banners Not Appearing

[CLOSED] Newsletter link to downloads - Digital Goods

[RESOLVED] Questions on How the Preview / Submit Works

[CLOSED] HTML Newsletter and Platinum Nuke

User Bounce Feature

[RESOLVED] Newsletter Preview Opens Up Archives

Cant watch

ideas for 1.3

Extended HTML Newsletter Announcements

Add Last Visited Sort to Member List

Show Last Visited on Member List



Site Guardian released

RavenNuke(tm) Version 2.51.00 Released!

New theme released

Advanced BBCode Box for RavenNuke v2.5

TegoNuke(tm)/HTML Newsletter 1.4.0

nukeSPAM(tm) available now from

Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.1!

Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.3!

Massive 50% off Code Authors Scripts

Help Support RavenNuke(tm) using Flattr

New Release Candidates Being Tested

Beware of!

HTML Newsletter 1.4 Preview of Changes

Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.2

Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.1!

Papamike Themes

TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.0 Released!

Montego Scripts Makes Shift in CMS Support

Battlefield 3 Theme Released

Downloads Module Update

Latest Themes Released

TegoNuke/NSNGD Downloads Coming Along Nicely

Flattr me this! ''Give and ye shall receive...''

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.1.0

RavenNuke Testimonials Module

Blog Comment Spam: New Way to Have Fun

Empty Module In Home: Tale of No Home

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer version 1.1.0 in RC1

Montego Retires from RavenNuke(tm) Team After Four Years of Service

PHPBB Remodified needs Beta Testers

Call of Duty Black Ops Theme Released

Temporarily Disabled Twitter Block Download

Medal of Honor Theme Released

TegoNuke(tm) Twitter Block 0.1.0 (Beta) Released

Bioshock 2 Theme Released

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Theme Released

NukeTAGS 2.0 released!

Access to Issue Tracker for Montego Scripts projects available for view only

Merry Christmas from MeoToo Development!

SimpleBlue Icons Released

Happy Holidays from NGNUKE

Optimized Project

Chrome Topic Icons Released

Free Themes Friday : Business 5 Free Phpnuke Theme

NSN Group Downloads Again - I Know, Slow Going...

Aion Eternity Theme Released

Free Themes Friday : Army Gamer Raven Nuke Theme

Test News to Twitter...

RavenNuke(tm) Version 2.40.00 Final is Released!

Aion Theme Release X2

Professional Nuke Installation/Repair/Custom Services

NukeAjax (and more) Updated!

Tricked Out News 2.4 released

Arcade and Gamers Needed!!

Modern Warfare 2 Theme Released

Optimized Project News

3 Free Gaming Themes Now Available

Dynamic Header Titles and Meta Data!

New Website Launched Dedicated to Nuke

GameTrailers XML/RSS Center Block

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6.4 available now at

New release 'PHPNuke Donkeys76 v2.0.0' now with phpBB3.0.4 integrated!

Free Downloads added at Tricked Out News

Forum phpBB3 (v3.0.4) on PHP-Nuke in 10 minutes

New Downloads.

Harmony Theme Released

ClanPad 1 Month Free Clan Web Hosting

Current Scope Planned for NSN GR Download 1.1.0

Picking Up on Development of NSN GR Downloads Again

Call of Duty 5 Theme Released

Clan Themes has switched domains!

Left 4 Dead PHPNuke Theme Released

Nuke Debugger

RavenNuke (tm) V2.3.0 released

Free domain names with our clan web hosting!

Photoshop Tutorials are Loaded

Call HTML Newsletter Templates Ideas!


TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks Tap version 1.2.2 for NSN GR Downloads Released

Lobo Links Free Submissions for Phpnuke Sites

Ever Felt the ''SuperUser Trap''?

3 New Themes Released From Clan Themes

Although Not a Woman, Prerogative to Change My Mind

Request A Theme Released!!

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer Version 1.0.0 Released

Small Bug Found in ShortLinks 1.2.1

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.2.1 Released

TegoNuke(tm) Approve Membership Lite 1.1.0

There Will Be No 1.4 Version of HTML Newsletter

Finally The Files Are Ready

Your help is needed

HTML Newsletter Version 1.4 in Development

15% Discount at Clan Themes

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.2.0 Released

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.2.0 Released

WOW Wrath Of The Lich King Theme Released

Introducing TegoNuke Mailer

Only PHP 5.2+ Development from Here on Out!

Get your PhpNuke site listed for free!


Montego Musings Has Moved - Blog

SimpleCart v.1.0 Now Available for Public Download!

Index module releases nukeFEED(tm)

Lobo Links Web Directory is Open

I Have Opened My Own Blog - Montego Musings

NGNuke users where are you?

Nominate RavenNuke for Best CMS today

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.1.0 Released

Advertise with Montego Scripts

Nuke League 2.4 is Released

Clan Themes Affiliate System

Pet Theme Finished

Hosting Theme Finished

TegoNuke(tm) Dynamic Titles 1.1.0 Released

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.0.1 Patch Released

TegoNuke(tm) Approve Membership Lite 1.0.0

Graphcs and More

Assuming Care-and-Feeding of NSN GR Downloads

Suggestions and Feedback to change

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.0.0 Released

HTML Newsletter 1.4 in Planning Stages

Clan Roster v1.0 Released

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.3.2 Released

Feedback with Attachment

New module Compudictio

Clan Themes Now Open!

NSN GR Downloads and nukeSEO(tm) Sitemap Taps Added

Code Authors Releases its Comments Module

XHTML/W3C Compliance for Sommaire 2.1.1

French Language Pack for HTML Newsletter

Would Like to Get Community Response on Additional ShortLinks Taps

ShortLinks Taps for Popular Blocks

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.0 Released!

nukeSEO Social Bookmarking for PHPNuke

Spam Stopper Module Released

UTF-8 Issue for Persian Nuke Emails!

Free Theme Lottery

3 Free Themes Being Given Away

New Site Content Around Newsletter Effectiveness

Continuing On With GT-NExtGEn Concept!

Lorkan Themes No More

Pixelise Yourself Now!

My Phpnuke proxy lister

Tool time at hitwalker

HTML Newsletter Released for Persian Nuke

Patch Released for HTML Newsletter 1.3!

Bad Referer Database

Copyright and Credits, Visible and Not

German Language Pack for HTML Newsletter 1.3.x Released

HTML Newsletter 1.3 Released

nukeWYSIWYG (tm) released

Added Sample Newsletters

HTML Newsletter 1.2 Reaches Key Milestone!

HTML Newsletter Version 1.3 in Final Testing Stages

Wiki Documentation for HTML Newsletter

NukeSentinel[tm] Patch Released For Version 2.4.2 SQL Injection

HTML Newsletter for Nuke Tested on RavenNuke76!

Please Take Survey!

Break Over! Planning 1.3 HTML Newsletter Release

GT-NextGEn Based Blocks Hack

HTML Newsletter Support, Etc.

HTML Newsletter 1.2 Released

NW Who's Online Scrolling Block v2.3 Released

NW HTML Newsletter 1.1a Bug Fix

NW HTML Newsletter 1.1 Released!!!


HTML Newsletter 1.4.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.1

TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.3

TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.2

TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.1

TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.0

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.1.0

TegoNuke(tm) Twitter Block 0.1.0 [Beta]

NSN GR Downloads Tap 1.2.2

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.0.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.2.1

TegoNuke(tm) Approve Membership Lite 1.1.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.2.0

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.2.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.1.0

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.1.0

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.0.1

TegoNuke(tm) Approve Membership Lite 1.0.0

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.0.0

NSN GR Downloads Tap

HNL French Language Pack for 1.3.x

Lorkan News Hack - Plus

Sommaire ShortLinks GTB File

Raven ForumsCollapsing ShortLinks GTB File

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.0.0

TegoNuke(tm) Sample Advertisement Block

GT-NExtGEN 0.4 Beta

Lorkan Theme - Simplex

Lorkan Theme - FiSubNuke

Lorkan Theme - Collapsing Block Sample Code

Lorkan Theme - FiSubBrownsh


HTML Newsletter 01.03.01 for Persian Nuke

HTML Newsletter 01.03.01

HTML Newsletter 01.03.01 Patch

HNL German Language Pack for 1.3.x

HTML Newsletter 1.3.0

GTBlocks Hack

HTML Newsletter 1.2

mySQL Database


Apache Web Server


Beyond Compare





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