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HTML Newsletter This project was created to give nuke site owners the ability to send out HTML formatted newsletters to their various constituencies. This module was written for PHP-Nuke 6.5 - 7.6 only. There is no intention on including support for any other versions o ...     05 - Production/Stable
TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) The TegoNuke™ Downloads (NSNGD) module is a full featured replacement to the core RavenNuke™ Downloads module. Please see our Wiki documentation  ...     04 - First Release
TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles

One of the issues with dynamic (PHP) web sites, such as PHP-Nuke, is they typically use some common include for generation of the common header for every page and every page ends up getting the same title; this is not good from a Search Engine Optim ... 

   06 - Mature
TegoNuke(tm) Mailer Why would someone need something like this? PHP-Nuke uses the PHP mail() function and many web hosts these days are shutting off access to this function. These hosts are now requiring authenticated SMTP. Hence the need for a replacement for PHP-Nuke's  ...     05 - Production/Stable
TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks Although the experts within the nuke/SEO community are divided on whether having short URLs really has any real affect on Search Engine crawling and ranking, this was the primary original reason for the "GoogleTap". Others like it for better readability  ...     06 - Mature

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