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Project Summary
Why would someone need something like this? PHP-Nuke uses the PHP mail() function and many web hosts these days are shutting off access to this function. These hosts are now requiring authenticated SMTP. Hence the need for a replacement for PHP-Nuke's mailer functions.

Development Status:  05 - Production/Stable   
Project Team:   1 member

Why a new Mailer for PHP-Nuke when there is already PHPNukeMailer? Well, quite frankly, I liked Swift Mailer better as a base and at the time I started to pull this together for RavenNuke(tm), the underlying "guts" of PHPNukeMailer was PHPMailer and it appeared as though it had fallen out of development. Well, that is no longer the case. But, at the same time, I am all about giving folks "choices". Hence, I have decided to release this as a separate install for the non-RavenNuke(tm) community (but, really, if you are not using RavenNuke(tm), you are CRAZY! LOL.)

So, here it is. It combines what I liked about PHPNukeMailer (the admin piece), but re-factored and made XHTML compliant, and the Swift Mailer. Here is a more detailed list of its primary features:
  • Can configure to send mail via PHP's native mail() function, SMTP or sendmail.
  • Can use standard SMTP or authenticated SMTP as well as configure the port to use. Currently only supports non-SSL / TSL. Support for SSL / TSL will be added in the next feature release.
  • Since this comes using Swift Mailer (PHP4 version), this has all the robust error checking, retries, etc features of that version.
  • Supports right now, only using the "To" line, however, setup to support "cc" and "bcc" in the future (as well as attachments)
  • PHP5 ONLY.
  • Supports a single "To" address or an array of addresses. Also supports addresses with both the email address and name format, such as: Montego
  • Supports Swift Mailer's batch send method (great for newsletters) where each recipient gets a separate email sent rather than everyone seeing everyone else's email addresses on the "To" line.
  • Supports both "text/plain" and "text/html" type content types, with plans to also support multipart in the future (PHP5 releases only).

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Project Downloads

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TegoNuke(tm) Mailer This category is for the Mailer hack. 2010-11-28 19:58:16 1    List


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Project News

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.1.0
montego : 2010-11-28 20:09:54
(0 Comments / 3678 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer version 1.1.0 in RC1
montego : 2010-08-08 09:33:58
(0 Comments / 6002 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer Version 1.0.0 Released
montego : 2008-03-08 13:41:09
(0 Comments / 8409 Hits)


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