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Project Summary

One of the issues with dynamic (PHP) web sites, such as PHP-Nuke, is they typically use some common include for generation of the common header for every page and every page ends up getting the same title; this is not good from a Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) perspective. Most search engines view the page title tag and meta keywords as being very important and are looking for these to be relevant to the page content. You can quickly see that having the exact same page title for every dynamically produced page does not satisfy this requirement.

Development Status:  06 - Mature   
Project Team:   1 member

Quite simply, this "hack" changes the standard PHP-Nuke page titles from having the basic site name in them, to having a more descriptive and more dynamic title. For example, where every page might have had this in the page title:

    Montego Scripts, or
    Montego Scripts - Downloads

Now, it would be more descriptive like this:

    How to Have Page Titles Change Dynamically - Latest thread post text here...

This hack has been around a long time within the PHP-Nuke circles, but it fell out of active development a few years back. Through some recommendations from storebuilder, sixonetonoffun made one last release. The original concept was very simple in nature and focused on producing page titles out of module name, story/category titles and very little else. storebuilder - and I agree with him - found through research and personal experience, that search engines prefer "rich" non-repeating page titles. It is even better if they have a few keywords (but do NOT "stuff") from the page content as well. Therefore, he recommended that more of the actual text from the page content be included more up-front in the page title, which is what TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles expands upon, along with performance and code enhancements along the way.

The other reason for having rich page titles is to improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR) from search results; you want those that are searching for your specific keywords to pick your site out of the search results rather than others. It is all about improving your odds. How many times have you sifted through search results only to find the link descriptions repeating with "Montego Scripts - Home of the HTML Newsletter", when what you had searched on really was "dynamic page titles". See what I mean? If there was relevant text on the search results based on what they were searching for, it improves your odds of getting the click-through.

I have modified the approach slightly to allow you to turn these on and off as you wish. Once you have this hack installed, you may control its behaviour using the following switches/settings in the config.php script (rnconfig.php for RavenNuke(tm) installations):

$useDynamicTitles   = false;        <-- Setting this to true will cause your nuke
                                    page titles to by dynamic per module.

NOTE: The above is the default setting. You must change this to get the titles to be dynamically produced.

The following modules will have their page titles dynamically generated:

  • Content
  • Downloads
  • Encyclopedia
  • Forums
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Story Archive
  • Topics
  • Web Links

You can certainly add your own by simply adding additional IF statements within the includes/dynamic_titles.php script.


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Project Downloads

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TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.2.0 Quite simply, this "hack" changes the standard PHP-Nuke page titles from having the basic site name in them, to having a more descriptive and dynamic title. Please see the DynamicTitles Project Page for the complete details of this hack. The following c ... 2007-11-26 20:54:28 1    Download


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Project News

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.2.0 Released
montego : 2007-11-26 21:04:39
(0 Comments / 4281 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) Dynamic Titles 1.1.0 Released
montego : 2007-05-01 21:46:01
(0 Comments / 4128 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) DynamicTitles 1.0.0 Released
montego : 2007-03-03 16:08:35
(0 Comments / 6254 Hits)


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