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Project Summary
Although the experts within the nuke/SEO community are divided on whether having short URLs really has any real affect on Search Engine crawling and ranking, this was the primary original reason for the "GoogleTap". Others like it for better readability of the links by their human consumers.

Development Status:  06 - Mature   
Project Team:   1 member

Regardless of the reasons, nuke site owners all over have their own ideas of why they need / want this feature for their sites, and so, why not oblidge them! LOL

Basically, based on the above comments, this "hack" for nuke will shorten the standard nuke URLs to a ".html" equivalent for all of the "anonymous" type links (for Search Engine crawlers) and for most of the links for even the logged in users (but not all). Admin-only links are untouched.

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks has the following features, some of which were not available in the original GoogleTap / GT-NExtGEn counterparts:

  • Ability to shorten ("Tap") URLs by module using regular expressions defined in arrays within a "GT-<>.php" file for each module.
  • Ability to also shorten URLs by block file, again using a similar "tap" file with the name "GTB-<>.php". This approach is considerably faster than the GT-NExtGEn "AutoBlocksTap" version as it does not have to search through and find the links needing to be shortened and then call each of the individual module tap files for each (which means multiple passes). This approach is also superior to modifying every block's code to essentially "hard-code" links, which is the traditional GoogleTap and original GT-NExtGEn approach (prior to 0.4a Beta).
  • Ability to also "tap" at the entire page level using a GTZ-PageTap.php file to pick up URLs generated in the header, footer, and even nuke messages. This "Page Tap" level "tap" occurs at the very end after all other tapping is done. Feel free to add your own URL "taps" in this file that you may need.
  • Ability to perform a final "recursive tap" on the entire page to find additional module.php links and attempt to shorten them if a GT file is found for a given module. If a GT file is not found, and this hack is being run by an admin in Debug mode, it will display at the bottom of the page which modules and blocks are still in need of "tapping".
  • Ability to very easily tap the PHP-Nuke news backend.php XML feed so that all links referring back to your site are also using the exact same shortened URLs, that is, if you are NOT using nukeFEED(tm) from
  • The approach used for the backend.php script can also be applied to other similar scripts which do not go through the normal including of the header.php and footer.php script.
  • Although one could very easily "switch off" the tapping of URLs by changing the "ShortLinks" directory to something different, several "switches" are added to the config.php file (or rnconfig.php for RavenNuke(tm) installations) to make them more "prevalent" and with other key configuration switches and variables.
  • Additional debug mode which can be turned on to show the admin (only) messages to help him/her debug the taps on the site. While in "auto tap link" mode, this feature will also show at the bottom of the page which modules may still be needing to be tapped.

Get it now! Download link below as well as support links and related news.

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Project Downloads

Name Description Most Recent Change Downloads Type
TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks (aka: GoogleTap, GT-NExtGEn) The scripts under this category are all related to the original hacks for shortening the PHP-Nuke URLs. TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks is an extension to this great concept. 2011-12-28 23:33:48 1    List


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Project Support

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Project News

Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.1!
montego : 2011-12-28 23:39:50
(0 Comments / 12200 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.0 Released!
montego : 2011-05-22 13:11:20
(0 Comments / 5555 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks Tap version 1.2.2 for NSN GR Downloads Released
montego : 2008-06-15 10:23:26
(0 Comments / 4243 Hits)

Small Bug Found in ShortLinks 1.2.1
montego : 2008-02-27 06:52:41
(0 Comments / 4356 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.2.1 Released
montego : 2008-02-24 10:36:34
(0 Comments / 5733 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.2.0 Released
montego : 2007-12-02 09:36:27
(0 Comments / 5112 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.1.0 Released
montego : 2007-06-30 17:47:49
(0 Comments / 6501 Hits)

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.0.1 Patch Released
montego : 2007-05-01 21:44:27
(0 Comments / 4468 Hits)

NSN GR Downloads and nukeSEO(tm) Sitemap Taps Added
montego : 2006-11-23 00:23:46
(0 Comments / 4588 Hits)

Would Like to Get Community Response on Additional ShortLinks Taps
montego : 2006-10-06 19:50:19
(0 Comments / 5575 Hits)



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