Introducing TegoNuke Mailer

Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 @ 14:06:00 EST in Announcements
by montego

As many of you know, more and more web hosting companies are shutting down access to the PHP mail() function and instead requiring the use of authenticated SMTP from your scripts.  Core PHP-Nuke, and therefore, RavenNuke as well, has traditionally made heavy use of the mail() function; even the forums and messaging features use mail() unless you configure your Forums to use SMTP through its separate administration tool.

PHPNukeMailer from Slaytanic has been an excellent compromise, using PHPMailer under the covers for the actual mailer and then putting an administration tool on top.  I looked at NukeEvolution too and it was using Swift Mailer.  After reviewing both mailers, I am convinced that Swift Mailer is much more robust.  Therefore, since I liked the administration idea from PHPNukeMailer and the core mailer implementation of Swift Mailer, I decided to create Introducing TegoNuke(tm) Mailer, and combine the two ideas together.

I am building this solution for the upcoming RavenNuke 2.20.00 release.  Once it is complete and well tested, I will most likely package it up as a separate download for the regular PHP-Nuke folks.  Stay tuned...


Forgot to mention that although this will originally be released in PHP4 form, it will work also on PHP5.  After the February PHP5 deadline, I will only package this up using the PHP5-only version of Swift Mailer.  My intent is to use its more advanced features in support of the next version of the HTML Newsletter.

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Re: Introducing tegonukeMAILER (Score: 1)
by Guardian
on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 @ 22:34:22 EST
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Nice one!
I'm really please a seasoned veteran of the phpnuke community has decided to grab this issue by the short and curlys to bring yet another indespensible product to the Open Source market place.


Re: Introducing tegonukeMAILER (Score: 1)
by montego
(montego_*_at __ montegoscripts_ _dot_ _com) on Friday, November 16, 2007 @ 17:17:22 EST
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The "the short and curlys"? ROTFLMAO You Brits just crack me up... I love it! Thank you sir. I needed that.


Re: Introducing TegoNuke Mailer (Score: 1)
by kguske
on Saturday, November 24, 2007 @ 08:16:43 EST
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I recently needed to implement SMTP for the NukeStyles Contact Plus module. I like it better than Feedback because it allows several different contacts that are stored in a table. Although I did not add CAPTCHA, I slightly modified it to support a parameter that specified which contact so it supports linked contacts without having to select the contact.

I've used both phpmailer and SwiftMailer for different projects, and chose SwiftMailer for this. It's more difficult to implement (though it wouldn't be hard to simplify it, which I think is the point of EasySwift, though I didn't look at that because there is little do*****entation and I was in a hurry). I'm looking into email validation and tested several functions that actually use SMTP to verify the email address is real. Yahoo is the only problem - it says every email address is real, so one of the classes treats any address as invalid. One of the classes works really well, and I'm looking at integrating it into Contact Plus (to prevent spam).

Anyway, what features are planned (in addition to the obvious SMTP support)?

Re: Introducing TegoNuke Mailer (Score: 1)
by montego
(montego_*_at __ montegoscripts_ _dot_ _com) on Monday, November 26, 2007 @ 20:13:25 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

Sorry, did not see this comment come through... odd. Well, you can see it in action within SVN of RavenNuke, but, in a nut-shell, I have combined PHPNukeMailer and Swift Mailer concepts. The admin piece is from PHPNukeMailer - but a major OVERHAUL -- and then created a new mailer function to use as the "interface" to Swift Mailer.

It supports both regular email sends to a single email address or multiples (puts them all on the TO line) as well as the BatchSend function which will send a batch of TO addresses, but an email is sent to each address (better from a spam and privacy standpoint).

The function "interface" is very simplified, but is set up to be able to be expanded through the passing of an array of $params. It can also, through the params, be told to send either text/plain or text/html with plans to also include multi-part and attachments with the PHP5-only version later on.

I also plan in a future release to use several of Swift's advanced features such as: user-defined Iterators, personalization, and special "governing" features (e.g., to only send xx emails per xx seconds/minutes). I am also planning on a more robust "off-line" mailer option to get around the PHP time-out issue.

Give it a try through SVN and let me know what you think.

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