Downloads Module Update

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 08:07:34 EST in TegoNuke Downloads
by montego

Just a quick note that work on the TegoNuke™/NSN Group Downloads module is progressing nicely as the road-map shows.  Just cleaning up some "extras" such as ShortLinks and then it will be on to the last job to tackle which is the installer for new and existing installations.  The installer updates are going to be a bit more complex than usual as with this release of the module, there are also character set considerations and some other data conversions.  The schema for this module has not changed in this major release, but several key enhancements have data conversion considerations:

  • 0000378: Add support for nukeWYSIWYG - The older module retained line endings in the data that were later expanded into <br> tags for display.  With the addition of advanced editor support and in the spirit of giving the site admins full control over the final HTML in the download description (within the constraints, of course, of the HTML tag filtering in *nuke), the data needs to have these line endings converted and stored back into the database.
  • 0000070: Conversion of EOL characters to BR tags in getit.php Will Cause Compliance Issues - Goes along with the one above.
  • 0000481: Remove mixed case Extensions as only lower case pattern is needed - Since this is file extensions we're talking about here, it really makes no sense to retain mixed case extensions.  All comparisons to the pattern will be checked to lower case and all the data will be converted to be just the lower case version with duplicates removed.
  • 0000057: Case issue with file extensions with numbers - Goes along with the one above this.  It was this issue which led to the thinking about removing mixed case anyways.
  • 0000496: Remove support for FTP protocol - We are no longer supporting the FTP protocol in the module.  While no data conversions will be made, we will be reporting back to the admin where they have these in use and suggest that they modify them.

While progress is slow-and-steady, we still hope to release this important foundational new release - the first new release of this module in over five years since the original author released his last version - in the month of March or latest April.  So, stay tuned.  You may also get more frequent updates on progress by following us on Twitter - see time-line and follow link to the right on the home page.


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Re: Downloads Module Update (Score: 1)
by Guardian
on Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 12:15:55 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)

Never understood Bobs obsession with /r :(
Isn't /r just a carriage return (for windows) and /n the equivalent for *nix machines?
Wouldn't nl2br() handle that as it's (x)HTML compliant now or you can force it with nl2br($string, true)

Re: Downloads Module Update (Score: 1)
by montego
(montego_*_at __ montegoscripts_ _dot_ _com) on Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 22:59:44 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)

I want to get rid of them completely. I have incorporated support for nukeWYSIWYG, and really, any advanced editor worth its salt like this one, already produces compliant HTML!

I have removed the use of nl2br completely, but, in order to keep everyone's output looking the way they intended it under Bob's original approach, I need (and will be doing) to convert all the existing data.

In fact, I am even going to run the description field (the ONLY ones where HTML should be allowed), through Tidy if its enabled, also as a part of the conversion. Its the next bit of coding that I need to work on as I prepare for the 1.1.0 release. Getting close.

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