Current Scope Planned for NSN GR Download 1.1.0

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2009 @ 07:21:21 EST in Coding
by montego

Over the years, I have been collecting bug reports and enhancement requests for NSN GR Downloads (latest version 1.0.3).  I have settled on the scope for the first re-release of this module, version 1.1.0, as follows:

  • [Bug Report] Add of new downloads always shows submitter IP as
  • [Bug Report] Case issue with file extensions with numbers.
  • [Bug Report] Conversion of EOL characters to <br /> in getit.php Will Cause Compliance Issues.
  • [Bug Report] Fix NSN GR Downloads Admin Test of Downloads.
  • [Bug Report] NSN GR Downloads "New" produces many &nbsp.
  • [Bug Report] No core file edits with Top module.
  • [Bug Report] Review upload code for possible exploits.
  • [Bug Report] Search does not function properly when using ShortLinks / GT / GT-NExtGEn.
  • [Bug Report] Submitter gets overwritten and/or shows "God".
  • [Bug Report] Verify Downloads feature "glitches"?.
  • [Enhancement] Add anti-leaching capability.
  • [Enhancement] Add download Last Updated Date to the download details page.
  • [Enhancement] Add thumbnail and image support.
  • [Enhancement] Add visibilty in the admin downloads list as to how many times download has been retrieved.
  • [Enhancement] Allow for multiple groups to be selected per category.
  • [Enhancement] Does not work with new RavenNuke(tm) captcha OOTB.
  • [Enhancement] Improve performance by changing double quotes to single quotes throughout.
  • [Enhancement] Optimize DynamicTitles for the module - new.
  • [Enhancement] Remove include from mainfile.php to the NSN GR module and blocks.
  • [Enhancement] Under categories list, show a column that will show admin how many downloads are within each category.
  • [Enhancement] XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliance.

I am wanting to keep the scope reasonably small for this first re-release, then we can talk more major enhancements.  For discussion of anything related to this module and its further development, feel free to use either Montego Scripts or RavenPHPScripts forums for this.

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