Site Guardian released
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2014 @ 09:52:30 EST
Topic: Community

We are very excited to release Site Guardian, our first FREE module in 2014 for RavenNuke(tm)

It became apparent during 2013 that some websites (particularly those on shared hosting accounts) became casualties of some nefarious activities when vulnerable software on the same server became targets. As a result, some website owners became victims through no fault of their own, and this inspired us to create Site Guardian.


For some time, we had also been meaning to provide a module that allowed an easy way for their users to install/remove their module database tables, so we combined that to enable us to bring you, what must be, the "must have" module for 2014 - Site Guardian.

The curent features of this free module include;

  • Scanning your website for file changes
  • Scanning your website for specific code that is often implanted into website files and used maliciously
  • Allows third party developers the means to easily install/remove database tables
  • Allows third party developer to notify users of script upgrade availability
  • System file check for potentially redundant files

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