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This site is devoted to PHP scripts produced by montego mostly for the RavenNuke(tm) and PHP-Nuke Content Management Systems (CMS).  Current scripts include the HTML Newsletter module and other TegoNuke(tm) branded scripts such as: ShortLinks, DynamicTitles, and Mailer.   Also, come visit our sister Wiki site for HTML Newsletter documentation and more.

Sorry, but, yes, registration is necessary to access our latest Downloads and/or to get support from our Forums.  In addition, spammers and hackers are dealt with swiftly and in some cases harshly... you have been warned.

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Site Guardian released

Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014 @ 09:52:30 EST in Community
by montego

Guardian writes:  

We are very excited to release Site Guardian, our first FREE module in 2014 for RavenNuke(tm)

It became apparent during 2013 that some websites (particularly those on shared hosting accounts) became casualties of some nefarious activities when vulnerable software on the same server became targets. As a result, some website owners became victims through no fault of their own, and this inspired us to create Site Guardian.




RavenNuke(tm) Version 2.51.00 Released!

Posted on Sunday, February 17, 2013 @ 21:00:16 EST in Community
by montego

RavenNuke(tm) version 2.51.00 has been released!  See the news article from Raven PHP Scripts.

Way to go RavenNuke(tm) Team!



New theme released

Posted on Friday, September 07, 2012 @ 09:42:21 EDT in Graphics/Themes
by montego

nextgen writes:  

We have released the alteredN theme for Ravennuke 2.5 only. This theme is light colored, fast loading and very easy on the eyes. It comes with a complete matching forum, menu icons and Topic Icons. Please visit  www.alterednuke.com  and register to download or to see it running live from your user account.



Advanced BBCode Box for RavenNuke v2.5

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 @ 10:03:37 EDT in Downloads
by montego

spasticdonkey writes:  

Advanced BBCode BoxPHPBB2 Forum BBCode Modification for RavenNuke™ v2.5, which expands the standard BBCode features to allow: audio/video embeds, text formatting/styling options, image/video positioning, dynamic twitter signatures, customizable color swatches, inline ajax help, forum search "tags", modal search functions for wikipedia and duckduckgo, as well as various other features.

Improved UI and CSS layout which can be customized per theme. Four sprite powered editor themes included in sand, light blue, crimson, and black; or build your own with a little CSS know-how and the included photoshop files. Several optional addons are included to further enhance your RavenNuke™ powered site; which allows you to add code highlighting, link icons, easy youtube videos, and/or hashtags.

After an easy installation, courtesy of a comprehensive, kickstart powered install guide, you may find yourself asking, "Who needs phpbb3?"

Find it at Tricked Out News and get previews or become a fan of the mod on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AdvancedBBCodeBoxForRavenNuke



TegoNuke(tm)/HTML Newsletter 1.4.0

Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012 @ 21:56:27 EDT in HTML Newsletter
by montego

Cannot believe that I forgot to release this module to the community! It was incorporated into the latest RavenNuke(tm) 2.50.00 release but then forgotten. Well, better late than never. It has been released! Please see our on-line Change Log (or that provided within the distribution package) for details as to what was modified for this release.

For a more detailed explanation of the TegoNuke(tm)/HTML Newsletter module and a more detailed list of features, check out the TegoNuke(tm)/HTML Newsletter Wiki page.

While this module was developed on RavenNuke(tm) for RavenNuke(tm), it may be possible to use on other *nuke variants with slight variations. Come get the latest download.



nukeSPAM(tm) available now from nukeSEO.com

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2012 @ 06:19:43 EST in Announcements
by montego

kguske writes:  

nukeSPAM(tm) enables site using the RavenNuke(tm) content management system (CMS) and other PHP-Nuke distributions to prevent user registration by known spammers. It features:

  • Configurable blocking via 3 public spam databases and 14 DNS blacklists
  • Advanced logging, reporting and false positive resolution
  • Advanced whitelist maintenance
  • Administrator function to check if username, email and / or IP address are blocked

Although nukeSPAM(tm) administration automatically creates the necessary database tables, integration with user registration requires code changes (instructions are included for RavenNuke(tm) Your Account).

nukeSPAM(tm) can be downloaded here. Download requires 7-zip. Free membership is required to download.



Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.1!

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 @ 23:39:50 EST in TegoNuke ShortLinks
by montego

A few bugs were reported since the release of version 1.3.1 that we wanted to clean up quickly, hence this very small patch release. Since this is just a patch release, it is a simple matter of uploading a few scripts. But, please read the README.txt and UPGRADES.txt as always and it will guide you through this quick patch fix. In addition, see the CHANGELOG.txt file will list out exactly which files were added/modified/removed.



Patch Released for TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.3!

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 @ 23:00:10 EST in TegoNuke Downloads
by montego

A few bugs were reported since the release of version 1.1.2 that we wanted to clean up quickly, hence this very small patch release. Since this is just a patch release, it is a simple matter of uploading a few scripts and an image. But, please read the README.txt and UPGRADES.txt as always and it will guide you through this quick patch fix. In addition, as always, the CHANGELOG.txt file will list out exactly which files were added/modified/removed.



Massive 50% off Code Authors Scripts

Posted on Friday, December 23, 2011 @ 09:46:22 EST in Announcements
by montego

Guardian writes:  

A massive 50% all Code Authors products until 2nd January 2012.
Most of Code Authors Scripts also have redeemable vouchers given away with every purchase so in real-terms, your savings could be as high as 3 free products for the regular price of one.
Visit <<link-removed>> Use coupon code CARocks


 I would definitely consider taking up Guardian on this great offer.  He's got a lot of great scripts on sale and is cooking up even more (new scripts) in the near future!  montego



Help Support RavenNuke(tm) using Flattr

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 10:24:16 EST in Community
by montego

Feeling generous this time of year?  Why not throw a little bit Raven's way in support of the RavenNuke(tm) CMS that many of use each and every day.  Even before RavenNuke(tm), Raven's web site has been a generous provider of community support for PHP-Nuke and other forks for many years, with very little asked for in return.  It takes money to host such a site and it takes many volunteers to help provide the support that is there freely given.  

While PayPal is always a good way to donate to many of the great community-based projects, Flattr is another great method of passing along your thanks.  I wrote an article about Flattr several months back as a news article on this site to introduce this knew way of giving.  At the time, Raven didn't have a Flattr account, and while he does not display a Flattr button, you can always donate via Flattr to RavenWebServices (Raven) directly from the Flattr website.

The really GREAT feature with Flattr is that you can also subscribe to a "Thing" - in this case to RavenWebServices - to where the service will automatically generate a click each month for as many months as you wish, essentially acting as if you had clicked to donate each month.  If you only have a little bit to give each month, why not join up with Flattr, find the few open source projects that you find useful and use on a regular basis, and show your appreciation.  Every little bit helps and if all the RavenNuke(tm) site owners would just send a little bit each month, it would go a long way.

Now, to those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas to you, and to all, have a Happy and Safe New Years!



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